Name: Natasha O. Pace
Level: Branch Director
Start Date: 08/26/2009

When did you start with Jewels by Park Lane?
My intro show was on August, 26th 2009!

How did you hear about Park Lane?
A friend of mine had a get-together & told me to book a show from her then I gave her the typical answer “I don’t know anybody” she proved me wrong and I had a great turnout! She used to sell Park Lane so she knew how to get great deals!

Why did you decide to join Park Lane?
I ended up at my 3rd get-together (you know how that goes) & found myself helping the women with some of the jewelry and even knowing the names of things then I thought to myself “Hey I could do this!?” & that’s when I mentioned it to Danielle & the rest is history in the making.

What is your favorite thing about Park Lane?
Set aside the obvious money and jewelry, it’s definitely the people in the business as well as the people you meet and get to know it’s a very extended family.

What are your goals for the Holiday Selling Season for your Park Lane business?

At this particular moment is bookings – other then that I will be doing my first festival/vendor in hopes to acquire those bookings and recruits for the future!

What is your best experience from a show?
I love when people compliment me and say you did so great your a natural even though a lot of times I still feel nervous and new even after being in the business for over a year!

Why would you recommend other people to join Park Lane?

It’s very low cost to run this business and the rewards are beyond anyone’s expectations, whether your miss personality or shy and quiet you use those traits to your benefit and people love that you are being yourself.