melease-inside Melease Jackson
Level: Area Manager (Hunter Organization)
Start Date: January 2010

When did you start with Jewels by Park Lane?
I had my intro show in the latter part of Jan. My first show was held in March.

How did you hear about Park Lane?
I learned of Park Lane when I attended a show held by a neighbor.

Why did you decide to join Park Lane?
I decided to join Park Lane because I liked the jewelry. It provided an opportunity for me to socialize outside of my mommy duties and to make extra spending money.

What is your favorite thing about Park Lane?
My favorite thing about Park Lane is the beautiful jewelry. I receive endless comments every where I wear it. I also enjoy the shows because they are fun, easy, and a great way to meet new people. The cash isn’t bad either!

What are your goals for the Holiday Selling Season for your Park Lane business?
My goal is to earn a trip to Ireland and promote to Division by Christmas!

What is your best experience from a show?
I have a difficult time remembering and pronouncing the name of the Alhambra jewelry set. An 8 year old boy attended one of my shows with his mother. He called it the Jesus Christ necklace because it has a cross on it. So I renamed it the Jesus Christ necklace. Now I tell that story at my shows.

Why would you recommend other people to join Park Lane?
Park Lane has beautiful jewelry, great customer specials, extrordinary hostess benefits and generous director awards. This business allows flexibility to fit anyones schedule and all the tools one needs to be successful.

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