Chelsie Provencal
Level: Branch Manager
Start Date:  December 2009

When did you start with Jewels by Park Lane?
I signed up and held my intro show in Dec 2009 but did not start actively holding shows until Feb 2010.

How did you hear about Park Lane?
I learned of Park Lane by attending a show that a family member was hosting.  I had decided to join with in the first 10 minutes of the show!

Why did you decide to join Park Lane?
I decided to join Park Lane because it seemed like a perfect fit!  My husband and I had just had a baby, I was working as a substitute teacher, and I loved fashion jewelry.  The flexible schedule and potential for amazing pay was just what I was looking for!

What is your favorite thing about Park Lane?
My favorite thing about Park Lane is that it is so easy to be passionate about the business.  When I tell someone about what I do I am truly excited, not just trying to sell it because its my job.  When your able to say that about your business, you will have no problem finding success and motivation!

What are your goals for the summer for your Park Lane business?
The summer goal for my Park Lane business is to grow as much as possible.  I plan to continue sharing the opportunity with others and become an Area Manager in the next few months!

What is your best experience from a show?
At almost every show I have had at least one customer ask me if I was sure or serious when giving them the total for their jewelry!  When a customer is surprised enough by their savings to question my math…I am proud to be a part of this company!

Why would you recommend other people to join Park Lane?
Park Lane offers women the opportunity to attain personal, social, and financial goals while still having the time to be awesome moms, wives, and/or career women.

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