park-lane-dublin_ireland Jewels by Park Lane made the announcement during convention that our next travel destination will be Ireland. In addition our trip will coincide with the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland where people in the parade will be wearing Park Lane jewelry. You really cannot beat that!

Stay tuned for more contest information and qualification requirements for the trip. Also more information will be posted soon about the accommodations which will be at a first class historic hotel close to all of the action. Those of you who went with Jewels by Park Lane to Paris know that the only way we could have been more in the middle of things was if were were staying inside the Louvre.

Bonus: Anybody can earn this trip!!! It doesn’t mater if you have been in the business for two days or twenty years because Park Lane spoils us all!

If you are interested in joining Jewels by Park Lane please visit us here.